About Us

we’re in this together is much more than a slogan for the London Fire Fighters Credit Union.  It’s our philosophy and way of life.

Fire Fighters share a unique bond, much like a family.  They trust their lives to their brothers and sisters every time the alarm rings.  We realize that our members are exceptional and we work hard every day to earn their trust and confidence for all of their financial needs.

Life is full of opportunities, celebrations and challenges, and the LFFCU will be with our members every step of the way.  we’re in this together.

Mission Statement:

Since 1947, the London Fire Fighters Credit Union is committed to providing quality financial assistance in a friendly atmosphere and is dedicated to working together with our members to meet their needs.

Vision Statement:

The vision of the London Fire Fighters Credit Union is to fuel the fires that are the dreams of our members by providing support to their financial needs.

Core Values:

These values define the character of the London Fire Fighters Credit Union and guide our thoughts and actions.

  • Integrity
    • The London Fire Fighters Credit Union will adhere to high moral principles and professional standards.
      Honesty We will be fair, truthful and morally upright in all our actions.
  • Confidentiality
    • The LFFCU will carry out our members’ expectations that anything done or revealed will be kept private.
  • Trust
    • We will demonstrate the expectation to behave responsibly and honourably.
  • Respect
    • The London Fire Fighters Credit Union will demonstrate thoughtfulness and consideration towards others.
  • Enthusiasm
    • We will show a passionate interest and eagerness in all we do.
  • Active Listening 
    • We will pay close attention to our members and ask questions to ensure full comprehension.
  • Empathy
    • The London Fire Fighters Credit Union will strive to identify with and understand our members’ feelings, needs or difficulties.

Our Board of Directors

  • Kevin Dash, President
  • Mike Wilkins, Vice-President
  • A.G. Harry Bergsma, Secretary
  • Chris Merrison
  • Nick Hewetson
  • Mark Milliken
  • Brent Shea

Credit Committee

  • Simon Mackintosh, Chair
  • Gary Martin
  • Derek Raine

Audit Committee

  • Nick Hewetson, Chair
  • Mark Milliken
  • Mary Ann Wilkins

Internal Auditor

  • Rick Belsby


  • Charmaine Spiegelberg